Pests don't take a holiday.

Cunningham Pest Control can help you prepare for any up coming pest issues.


March is the beginning of Termite Swarm Season. It is also when activity levels of all dormant pests awaken with an appetite for food, water and mates. A few warm days can explode activity. Be proactive and preventative with a treatment.


Mosquitos and stinging insects are at their peak of activity outside.  A simple exterior spray can be done even when you are not at home. Crawling insects are foraging for the winter.


Rodent and insect preventative measures need to be taken before they become comfortable with their overwintering choices.  Now is also the time to treat for Stink Bugs.  An exterior building treatment is non invasive and most effective.  Walk around and be sure to close up any openings and look for any suspicious digging.


Remain diligent in pest maintenance. Rodent infestations tend to peak in the winter and roaches remain persistant as outdoor foodsources become scarce.  Cave Crickets and centipedes enjoy the warmth of the basement and are great food source for mice.  With guests and personal travel, be extra careful coming in contact with bed bugs.  In your home, launder all linens and especially put in the dryer for at least 30 minutes linens from guests or returning students.  In hotel rooms, place your shoes and luggage in the tiled bathroom.  Bed Bugs do not like to walk on the cold floor.

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